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About Me


As a child, I thought everyone's grandmother and mother taught them how to work with subtle energies to read cards and use a pendulum. It wasn't until I was older and started doing these things with friends that I realized this was not the case, but I never gave it much thought. It was who I was, and I did what I did. Once I had completed university, a series of life events led me to Vancouver BC Canada, where many synchronicities continued to occur, that began my journey of pursuing a deeper understanding of working with these subtle energies. In 2020, after 22 years of studying and working with mentors and teachers to explore various energy healing modalities, and becoming a certified Reiki Master and Teacher myself, I was guided to open my own practice in Yellowknife NT Canada. Under the Northern Lights, I expanded my understanding and gifts while helping others do the same. I will cherish my time there always. Since then, I have moved back to the Lower Mainland of BC and I am grateful to be able to continue to share my services with you here and online.

Reiki Lineage for Usui Reiki Training in Level I ,
Level II, Level III and Master/Teacher below:


Mikao Usui (1st generation)
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Anne McAffrey
Marlene Moore
David Pilz
Barb Weston
Myorei Corinne Zeraffa

Susan McCarthy (10th generation)

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